Twitter Thread on Having Job Opportunities After 12th Standard Has Desis Weighing its Pros and Cons

In abroad, one can pursue part-time jobs along with their studies. Meaning, you can be in university, doing a course, but along with that, you are also applicable to do a job. For say, at a Starbucks, or a clothing store. However, things are not the same here. In India, one is often frowned upon when doing such jobs. In most cases, you are not even considered applicable to apply for these jobs without having a college degree.

Now, a Twitter user who goes by the name ‘Gabbar’, has tweeted about the same and sparked a discussion online. Taking to the micro blogging site, Gabbar wrote, “There should be job opportunities right after 12th standard. Got great marks, apply for a role.

He further mentioned, “Believe me most job roles in India can be done by a 12th std guy who’s hardworking and intelligent. Just train him/her for 3 months. Might sound outrageous, but look at what you do in your day job & ask yourself.”

The tweet, since being uploaded, has gone viral and garnered over 48K views. “I totally agree, Also the enthusiasm and energy level of a kid just passing out class 12 also remains high. Lots of students are always ready to go for competitive exams like jee,clat and now this cuet,

Those who want to go for those exams well and good but those who don’t, They must be provided some opportunity to explore themselves,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person mentioned, “India should also invest in vocational schools. Would lead to a more skilled workforce which in turn would increase our manufacturing base.”

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