Foreign Universities coming to India

Allowing foreign universities to enter India has become the bone of contention between vociferous opponents and those defending his cause. and cons. Overall, however, it seems likely that the acceptance of foreign universities into India will not harm the Indian education system. A recent survey found that the majority of distance learning students at Harvard University were Indian. There is already a sizeable portion of the Indian population opting for foreign degrees.

They do not compete for education in any of India’s leading institutions. For most of these students, traveling abroad ensures that Indian money meets foreign coffers. If the Indian government wants to restrict this flow of money, it should allow foreign universities in India. could be an important step in that direction. These foreign universities also offer good opportunities for local graduates.

 There are many renowned lecturers and professors who choose to leave India to teach abroad as their salaries here do not meet international standards. Allowing foreign universities in India also prevents brain drain. A great many of her IIT students choose to study and stay abroad for their higher education. This is not good if you want the economy and country to move forward.

Allowing foreign competition will also improve the functioning of the Indian education system. So far, Indian institutions have fallen into complacency. High fees are charged for admission to medical, administrative, and technical courses by certain rogue principals. This kind of corruption can be nipped in the bud by foreign universities joining the fight.

Indian institutions will also benefit from knowledge transfer, cooperation and partnerships with foreign universities that are allowed to set foot in India. It would be easier to get in touch with them if they were in India.Many overseas universities can also offer cutting-edge research programs in fields that are not extensively available in India. There are few courses in India such as sports psychology, sports medicine and sports management.

 Those wishing to specialize in a particular field of major science also have no choice in India. In such a scenario, allowing foreign universities to be established in India may not be a bad move.It may even encourage Indian universities to develop better courses.There are many universities in India with poor grades.

Papers are leaked and corrupt teachers often encourage copying and malpractices. Certain faculty charge high tuition fees for home coaching and do not complete courses or teach well in college. If the system needs to be cleaned up, then India should allow foreign universities. This will benefit the Indian education system and may even pave the way for significant reforms in the education sector.

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