Eve Teasing

Eve teasing is a very serious crime and though it is not considered to be one but harassing of women in public places like offices schools we replace all streets is not considered to be a positive approach. When we try to define eve teasing it can be a sly whistle a casual touch or any kind of act which makes the person of the opposite gender uncomfortable.

When we try to understand the meaning of eve teasing it is a gender based crime against the woman where some methods of enjoyment are used by men who find women to be an object for fun. Normally it is seen that women ignore such if teasers and they think that it is harmless and non violent but the women forget that if this eve teasing if is not stopped immediately it might lead to serious crimes in future.

The Vishakha guidelines that is the India’s first sexual harassment losses that any kind of unwelcome sexually determined behaviour whether it is direct or indirect comes under eve teasing or sexual harassment. Whenever a woman feels that she is a part of eve teasing or is being harassed she must bring it in notice of the people around her so that immediate action can be taken. Schools, colleges and public places must adopt a policy of zero tolerance against eve teasers and never let them go without the right kind ofpunishment. It is seen in most of the cases that women do not report such kind of incidents to their family members and this results in increase of such incidents and later on serious crimes are committed.

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