Goal Setting is the first step to a good career.

Goal setting is a powerful motivator and its value has been recognized in a wealth of clinical and real-world settings for over 35 years. A “goal” is a “goal of purpose or action”. Goal setting is the process of achieving that goal.

The importance of the goal setting process should not be underestimated. According to Lock, “Everyone’s life is different depending on what they pursue. You cannot grow as a person if you remain passive. Goals influence our actions and the intensity of our emotions. The more difficult and worthy the goal, the more intense the effort to achieve it, and the more successes you will experience afterwards.

Goals enhance our ability to reason, and our ability to plan positively influences the outcome of goals and our perceived control over the future. Additionally, setting and achieving goals facilitates the development of internal controls. People with external control believe that both positive and negative outcomes are the result of external influences, whereas people with internal control believe that success depends on their actions and abilities. believe.

Setting personal career goals is a fundamental step in career development. Visualizing your purpose at the beginning is essential to setting the course and being successful. They give motivation and meaning to every step. Goal setting is a systematic step that involves clearly defining what you want to achieve. Of course, there are many resources that teach you how to set effective goals. But you can boil it all down to a simple reminder.

Goals should be realistic yet challenging, deadline-bound, measurable, and most importantly, internalize them. With these simple guidelines, anyone can start exploring and on their way to success. Writing down career goals is just a fraction of your time. But the payoff for this low-risk investment of time can confuse anyone.

There are no magic maps and no sure fire shortcuts. Just the goals you set for yourself to achieve. Whether you want to move up the corporate ladder to the next step or just decide which ladder to climb, finding the first step is important.

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