Foreign universities to set up campuses in India: Waiting for UGC guidelines

According to the new education policy there would be scope of world’s top 100 universities to open up their campuses in India. the new education policy 2020 is the third Major revamp of education framework that has been done in India since its independence.

Majority of the foreign universities are waiting for the laws to be clear that would enable them to set up campuses in India. The NEP is seen as a major move to let he foreign universities enter intot he education field of the country. 

As soon as the guidelines are clear the universities would open their campuses in India. It is clear that UGC shall not promote any franchisee model for this particular setup within the country. This would be a major step in the direction of the Government’s effort in making the standards of Indian education system international.

There are many possibilities that lie ahead of the foreign universities while they plan their campuses inthe country. They might go for twinning, joint degree or a dual degree program, between the Indian and foreign universities.

Many educators believe that NEP is a progressive policy that would help in setting the standards of education high. The benefit of this would be that the students will be able to get the bets of education in their own country and they would not be required to leave the country and go for higher education. To a certain extent this would also solve the problem of brain drain that India faces due to lack of world class education system.

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