The emerging field of Cyber Forensics

The way IT has become an integral part of our daily lives it seems that in your future it is going to take up a lot of our personal space along with professional. Information technology has many advantages because it allows us to use our time effectively and reduces the time required to complete a particular job.

But as it is said that every coin has two sides the information technology has a flip side also because there are many people who use these techniques to commit crimes. The different types of crimes that are committed in the cyber world are stealing of intellectual property, banking frauds email and social media frauds. In order to trace these crimes in the recent times cyber forensics has become very important.

Cyber forensics means to gather, investigate and analyse information from a computer and then convert into hardware proof so that it can be presented in front of the court regarding the crime that is being discussed. The entire process of cyber forensics is based on creating a digital copy of the storage cell of the computer and analyse it so that the device also does not get violated and the data is presentable in front of the court.

There are various positions within the field of computer for the young generation to pick up such as computer digital forensic investigator, computer programmer, computer forensics technician to name a few. Instead of going for the run of the mill kind of careers a student who has a knack for IT can look for a career in this interesting and new field as well.

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