Changing face of college education in the present context.

A college is a place where not only education is provided but also a place where practical exposure is given to a student so that the student is prepared for the practical world and the realities of life. A student when enters into the college is a mature and the more over student he is able to understand the situations around him and accordingly is able to make decisions and make up his mind.

The learning in college is all about understanding a sense of duty and responsibility towards the human race. Because it is said that it is a youth that develops the nation and in order for youth to be able to develop a nation it is important that the youth is well aware of the happenings in the nation and the world around him.  A college education must be backed by sound practical knowledge and exposure.

It is very important that the students in the college are taught about the skills that are required to get jobs and be able to make them self reliant. The sense of duty and responsibility is the way of human development. Because when someone accountable for their own works and duties, it will assist a nation to put up a social and economic development milieu. Definitely, it starts with a college education.

Thus college education gives a sturdy stage for the augmentation of the great nation. This is the rationale why college makes the student conscientious for learning. Also, they present the freedom to choose an attractive career path. Therefore one can say that college provides the masters and experts of various professions.

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