CBSE Board Exams 2023 – competency based questions to be included.

In the forth coming exams of 10th and 12th standard in 2023, at least 40 % in class 10th and 20 % in class 12th will be competency based.  The format of these questions will be such that they would contain objective questions, responses in constructive manner, reasoning based and assertion based.

Since the country has launched the NEP, CBSE has continuously been introducing such competency based questions in board exams. The questions would also comprise of the case study based questions. The schedule of CBSE exams is yet to be announced but the schools have to keep in mind the importance of these competency based questions and make the students aware of the same.

The National Education Policy focuses on certain fundamental principles, important among these are — proficiency based learning, adoption of learning outcomes, use of empirical and joyful learning pedagogies such as art incorporated education, sports integrated learning, storytelling etc, emphasis on foundational literacy and numeracy.

The policy focuses on all round development of the student along with major focus on outcome based learning where it is important that the students develop a clear and better understanding of their domains.

The new policy also has given way to inter discipline study which shall always be beneficial for the students. It is very important that a student understands the need of having an agile mindset that would required for a wider perspective.

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