Ahmedabad University Honored for Teaching and Learning Excellence at THE Awards Asia 2023

New Delhi: Ahmedabad University has received commendation as a Highly Commended University for its Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year in the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards Asia 2023

This acknowledgement is attributed to Ahmedabad University‘s distinctive research-pedagogy design and innovative learning initiatives, notably the Foundation Programme, Engagement and Application Based Learning and Education (ENABLE), and Independent Study Period. 

Referred to as the ‘Oscars of higher education,’ THE Awards serve as a prominent international platform to honor exceptional leadership, and institutional performance, and to celebrate excellence in higher education across Asia

Ahmedabad University is a prominent research university driven by liberal education, fostering a vibrant learning atmosphere founded on interconnectedness across diverse disciplines like arts, sciences, and professional fields.

The students, researchers, and Ahmedabad University Faculty experience an exceptional range of options and adaptability, engaging in a distinctive learning journey characterized by practical projects and fieldwork. These experiences foster profound creative understanding, meticulous analytical exploration, and the potential for rewarding career pathways. 


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