5 achievements that IIT Mandi has seen in recent years

In the hills of Himachal Pradesh, one of the leading premium institutes of India resides, IIT Mandi. The institute, recently, celebrated its 10th convocation, where the professors talked about IIT Mandi’s focus on the development of the campus, including setting up new laboratories, research centers, libraries, and infrastructure for various academic and administrative activities.

During the 10th convocation, IIT Mandi conferred degrees to a total of four hundred sixty-one students.

The second-generation IIT was established in the year 2009 and has proactively dedicated three central facilities; the Advanced Material Research Centre(AMRC), BioX, and; the Centre for Design and Fabrication of Electronic Devices (C4DFED), which provides high-end research.

1. Dean’s office of Resource Generation and Alumni Affairs (DORA)

IIT Mandi introduced a new Dean’s office of Resource Generation and Alumni Affairs (DORA) in April 2022. This initiative was made to strengthen the bond between IIT Mandi and the philanthropists and alumni residing in the US. It works actively to bring resources for the self-sustainability of the Institute.

2. Center for Continuing Education (CCE)

The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) has been working more on science and technology. With the support of the central government, there are endeavors to be focused on the knowledge and skills for professional growth by focusing on residential and online workshops and faculty development programs.

3. The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR)

CAIR is based on activities like performing cutting-edge research into developing autonomous systems for Industry 4.0, health care, agriculture, disaster management, and education. The primary focus is on innovations in the field of drone technology and control systems. Its focus is also directed to the innovation of drone technology and control systems that are useful for both the industrial growth and the safety and security of India’s borderlands.

4. The Indian Knowledge system and mental health applications (IKSMHA)

The Centre, along with IIT Mandi, has established a relationship between the Indian Knowledge system and mental health applications that connects the mind, brain, and body. It works in areas that focus on increasing cases of distress, insomnia, stress, and mental disorders. People of all ages face challenges in today’s world.

The knowledge community wants to make a positive environment that should be free from peace and violence. It will result in creative thinking and innovations that cover all sections of society. There are several traditional practices performed in IIT Mandi, like yoga, meditation, and ayurveda to integrate a life of happiness and peaceful growth in the world.

5. Climate Controlled Agriculture (CCA)

IIT Mandi is not away from bringing ahead a laboratory that performs Climate Controlled Agriculture (CCA). This includes low-cost technologies that farmers should shift towards sustainable farming and decrease the use of chemical fertilizers. The current challenges in the agriculture sector aim to grow in tandem with the demands of scientific and technological innovation.

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