Never give up hope

Success and failures are the two sides of the same coin. There can never be a person who can say that he has never faced failures in life. A short story of Gautam Buddha can be quoted here once a woman went to Gautam Buddha and say that she had lost her son and she wanted him back in any case.

Gautam Buddha said that that is not possible because the person is no longer living. She was not ready to accept the fact that and sorrow is a part of you will life. To explain the message better, Gautam Buddha asked the lady to get a handful of rice from a household where death has never taken place. The lady went from village to village house to house.

From morning to evening she kept on looking for rice from a place where death has never taken place but as understood it never happened. By evening she went back to Gautam Buddha and said that she could not find any household where death has not taken place and hence she could not bring a handful of rice. Understand that life is a journey where happiness and sorrow are two sides which walk together.

After every sorrow there is a ray of hope and a person must understand that sooner or later the sorrow will end and there would be a new beginning in life. Even for a student it is important to understand that failures would happen it is more important to learn the lesson from the failure and make sure that the reason for the failures is not repeated in future. And because of failures we must never give up hope and keep trying our best.

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