Learning the need of discipline in life

Discipline has a positive impact on the learning process of a student because it creates a stress free environment and provides time for various activities and improves the planning through observing positive set of working environment. Studies have shown that there is a positively between discipline in learners and the performance of the student in the school.

With the increase and discipline levels the performance of the student increases multi  fold because the student understand there is a need to work in a proper way and only then it will be able to deliver. Parents educators specially the heads of the institutions must make sure that there is a proper culture of do’s and don’ts in the school.

Discipline needs to be tackled at early age because if you really want to achieve quality in education then it is important to learn the need of being disciplined. Parents also need to spend quality time with their children so that they can teach them the values that are important for building a strong personality.

Discipline is not only getting up and sleeping at a proper time it also means following a structured way of life that is most important. The most important of the discipline is self discipline in which the learner cultivate standards and determines how far they can go in our coming all the different types of obstacles that their faced in with life.

Punishment is not the solution to inculcate discipline. There is a need to make the child understand the importance of developing this habit and on the basis of this only the final result will be achieved.

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