IT my best friend

Information technology is no becoming a friend for the students. In the post corona Era we have seen that the use of information technology has increased in multiple folds this is because when the entire world was at a standstill and there was a long down we could only communicate with each other with the help of internet and information technology.

The visualisation of various aspects has increased to the help of YouTube videos and other such place where the entire concept is explain with the help of 3D images and videos and because of this student is able to register the concept completely in their minds.

Secondly now the students have become more habituated to work up their assignments with the help of it and we are able to prepare very good presentation and documents which are the directly presentable infant of the evaluation board.

It which has positively increased the work capacity of the people because now there able to compare and contrast very easily and a better report or a result is obtained. Information technology has also made sharing of ideas and content easy and quick if a person wants a file can be transferred from one place to be other finds information technology.

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