India of my dreams

India is a beautiful country and a place that is a dream land for many people. We have a rich cultural heritage and the people around the world look up to us in more than one ways when it comes to our sincerity hard work and the way we are ready to welcome everybody and make them one. When I dream about India I dream of a country that would be self sufficient in many ways.

One of the most important things that comes to my mind is that India should be a country which has enough of food to search the population and there is no need to import any kind of food material from other countries from advanced countries around us but in your future I dream that India makes it possible to make all these in the country itself so that we are not dependent on anyone else for safeguarding and motherland. in your future we all shall be using the internet and it more than what we are doing today.

To make this facility of internet and other it technology in India we need to develop a robot system. India was a country which was ruled by British for more than 200 years and because of this a lot of things that could have happened in the past did not take place but in the 70 years of independence India has work to very hard to project it’s self as one of the most developed countries in the world the India of my dreams would be a superpower who believes in harmony peace and having a happy world around.

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