Gadget friendly generation

The young generation today cannot work without gadgets. When we talk about gadgets the different types of electronic items that are available with the young generation are the computers the laptops the mobile phones.

There was a time when students used to study with the help of textbooks and books taken from the library or purchased by the parents but now students are not willing to buy any kind of books but rather are more comfortable studying using mobile phones or laptops it is agreed that the future belongs to these gadgets and one cannot do away with without using them.

But it needs to be seen that over use of these gadgets makes a person highly dependent on them and our own brain then does not work as efficiently as it should have. It has been seen that many students who are dependent on mobile phones for their studies are unable to use their brains in a proper manner because they are habituated to go to the search engines and look up for content. it is found that many students use Bluetooth continuously and because of this there learning  ability is also hampered.

Technology is often known as user friendly if not used properly you can also harm the user. The young generation needs to understand that just by holding gadgets with them 24/7 and not using the own brains for any kind of work will make them a servant of these gadgets and there will be a time where they would not be able to function properly without them. It is good to use gadgets but not good to be highly dependent on them and we must use them in a way where we are not servants to them.

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