Failure is the stepping stone towards success

Whenever a student is asked to come up in speak few words in English in a classroom the student becomes sceptical and has butterfly in the stomach because the student is scared that if he is not able to speak properly others would laugh at him and because of this he is not ready to take a chance even.

The simple reason behind this behaviour is the student does not want to fail. The society around us has created a huge pressure on the students wear they have been told that failures will not be accepted. Parents want their children to be passing with flying colours and securing more than 99.9% of marks because the parents want their children to be successful with a guarantee.

The increasing rate of suicide around us makes this point more relevant. Because a person who takes risk wants to travel a new path we should understand that we must children to develop a fighting spirit competitive spirit and be ready to take up challenge irrespective of the outcome. Stories around us teach us the same philosophy that it is more important to take up challenges and win rather than be complacent and not try at all.

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