Value based education

A good school is one where students are treated equally, cared for, supported and motivated to achieve academic and non-academic success. A place where students are taught values, know the difference between right and wrong, and are encouraged to discuss the importance of values ​​such as respect, harmony, tolerance, trust, fairness, and honesty.

It is a place where students are trained to shape their character on ethical principles – a place that addresses not only the academic needs of students, but also their emotional, ethical and social needs. A place where curiosity is welcomed and questions encouraged. It is a place where “thoughts” are more important than “contents”. A place where ethical staff and teachers are true role models for students is good school.

We often see the words “value education” and “character education” in school brochures and advertisements. Preachers and teachers frequently use the term in their sermons and lectures. Some parents believe that value- and character-based parenting can shape the character of a community and allow their children at school to believe that these aspects are valued. Every parent today wants to give their children the best possible education.

Parents believe that a child’s holistic development is essential to compete in a global scenario. For this reason, parents put a lot of effort into extra-curricular activities and emphasize education alongside academics. Today, when there is a great crisis of moral values ​​in society, value-based education is proving to be the solution. It can develop people of strong character and values ​​who know how to use it. Nelson Mandela rightly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.” Here he spoke of both academic education and moral value education. And value education has the power to change the world.

Education is a lifelong process of personal development that begins in school. It is the school on which everything is based. Schools therefore play an important role in providing value-based or moral education. Values-based education aims to train students to face the outside world with the right attitudes and values. This is the process of the student’s holistic personality formation. It includes character development, personality development, citizenship development, and spiritual development. Some believe that personality is a child’s personality and can never be developed or accommodated. But this is not correct. Self-development sessions and choosing the right school can make a radical change in a child’s personality. Value-based parenting is essential to a child’s overall development. Values ​​education develops balanced individuals with strong personalities and values. So send your child to a school that provides a value education.

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