Using Digital Learning Strategies to Help Students Explore Careers in Tech


With the world becoming increasingly dependent on digital technologies, students must learn marketable skills that can lead to meaningful careers in the future. Fortunately, more online learning opportunities are allowing young people to get started on their exploration of tech.

In line with this, our article “Digital Learning and Its Prospects” discusses that educators need to find ways to integrate digital learning into curriculums so students can take full advantage of them. Exploring online tech programs that can teach children valuable skills is critical to this strategy.

With early exposure, students can reach proficiency early and discover what areas interest them best. Here are some careers in tech and opportunities for digital learning that students can pursue.

Digital marketing

Today, the digital marketing market in India is projected to grow at an incredible CAGR of 32.1% between 2023 and 2028. With the country being the second largest online market, businesses in the country seek to reach broader audiences by promoting their products and services online. You can encounter digital marketing strategies on social media, via email, and even in the order of websites that appear when you make a Google search.

Careers in digital marketing include social media marketing (SMM) and email marketing, which require a deep understanding of data analytics to drive creative choices for campaigns. Students can also pursue search engine optimization (SEO), which heavily overlaps with tech as specialists need to adjust a website’s technical aspects to raise its rankings. It also works well with other marketing methods. Digital marketing agency Ayima explains that SEO and PPC — or Pay-Per-Click advertising — can be integrated to make digital marketing campaigns more effective. SEO specialists can leverage PPC for more effective strategies by applying data analytics and pursuing emerging trends.

To introduce students to possible tech careers in digital marketing, you can look to local educational organizations like Digital-skills and Digiperform. These allow children to learn digital marketing through online learning and offer training on several skills, including blogging, SEO, SMM, and email marketing.


Financial technology (fintech) encompasses any software, mobile apps, and other programs that carry out financial transactions digitally. If you’ve ever used Paytm or Mojocapital, then that’s fintech. Because of its convenience and broad applicability, India is becoming one of the fastest growing fintech markets in the world.

Fintech jobs include cybersecurity analysis (which ensures the security of fintech services) and quantitative analysis (which uses statistical methods to manage risk in fintech services). Fintech companies partner with app developers, too. FinTech Magazine notes that fintech services include mobile payments, digital banks, and crowdfunding platforms. But for these to be usable, companies must partner with app developers to ensure safe, secure, and user-friendly apps and software to meet consumer needs.

Students can be oriented about the fintech ecosystem in India through the course ‘A Master Course on Indian Fintech Ecosystem,’ which is available on Udemy. It’s targeted toward non-tech professionals and students and offers modules on subjects ranging from payments and lending to authentication.


Mobile apps, video games, and other software are popular examples of coding applications. Today, even non-IT sectors like the health or finance industries use coding in their day-to-day operations. Money Control states that coders have become greatly in demand in India.

Some jobs in coding include computer programming, computer systems engineering, and software development. These involve ensuring that computer programs and systems run without errors. However, with more novel technologies arising, specialist jobs like machine learning engineers, artificial intelligence engineers, and cloud architects are becoming high in demand, too. These jobs require research and creative problem-solving to improve these emerging technologies continuously.

Although these jobs vary in focus, they’re all rooted in coding. Fortunately, many organizations offer digital learning courses for coding in India. The MindBox gamifies coding to keep it interesting for young children, while Codevidhya ensures interactive and personalized instruction. You can also check out CampK12 and WhiteHat Jr for more options.

Tech skills are a lifelong asset for students. With digital learning, they can train these skills and cultivate their interests at their own pace.

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