The Wisdom of Serving and Purifying the Mind


In the pursuit of spiritual growth and self-realization, individuals often seek guidance from masters and gurus who possess profound knowledge and wisdom. However, the path to enlightenment is not always straightforward, and sometimes, the teachings and actions of these revered teachers may seem perplexing. In this article, we will explore a story that highlights the importance of serving others and purifying the mind, shedding light on valuable insights for spiritual seekers.

The Disciple’s Journey

The story revolves around a dedicated disciple and his interactions with two masters. After diligently studying the sutras under the guidance of his initial master, the disciple is instructed to visit a nearby ashram for further teachings. Puzzled by this instruction, as he believed his own guru to be more knowledgeable, the disciple embarks on the journey to the ashram with curiosity and an open mind.

The Revelation of Service

Upon reaching the ashram, the disciple is taken aback to find the master there engaged in menial tasks such as serving meals, cleaning up leftovers, and washing dishes for his followers. This stark contrast to the disciple’s expectations sparks a realization within him—the profound understanding of serving others out of love and humility. Witnessing the master’s selfless acts, the disciple grasps the significance of transcending ego and embracing service as a means of spiritual growth.

The Paradox of Cleansing

Another observation leaves the disciple in contemplation. The master, even after washing the dishes at night, repeats the process in the morning—re-cleaning and reorganizing the utensils. Perplexed by this seemingly redundant act, the disciple questions the need for such repetition. Upon returning to his original guru and sharing his experience, he seeks an explanation for the ashram master’s actions.

The Purification of the Mind

In response, the disciple’s guru imparts profound wisdom. He explains that just as the dishes need to be cleansed even after being washed and dusted, the mind, too, accumulates dust in the form of confusion, haziness, and vagueness. The guru emphasizes the importance of consistently purifying and clarifying the mind, much like the constant cleansing of the dishes. He encourages the disciple to understand this deeper significance and apply it to his spiritual journey.

Awakening to True Self

The ultimate goal of every human being, according to the disciple’s guru, is to realize their True Self and merge with the Divine or the Source. However, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, individuals often lose touch with their true nature and identify solely with their physical body and external relationships. This attachment to transient aspects of existence leads to suffering and unhappiness when these relationships or physical well-being are compromised.

The Role of Good Company

To embark on the path of self-realization, the guru emphasizes the importance of “satsang”—the company of kind and wise individuals who inspire introspection and contemplation. Surrounding oneself with enlightened beings and seekers of truth becomes the initial step in the journey toward self-discovery. The presence of a master or a spiritual guide becomes invaluable in navigating the complexities of the inner world and shedding light on the ultimate purpose of life.

The Road to Self-Realization

While the pursuit of self-realization may seem challenging and abstract, the disciple’s guru encourages him to commence the journey without delay. The path may be long and arduous, spanning multiple lifetimes, but the significance lies in taking the first step. By embracing the wisdom of service, purifying the mind, and seeking the company of enlightened souls, individuals set foot on the transformative road to self-realization.


The tale of the disciple’s encounter with two masters teaches profound lessons about the importance of service and the purification of the mind. By observing acts of selflessness and embracing the practice of cleansing the mind, seekers of truth can transcend their ego and attachments. The journey toward self-realization necessitates the company of enlightened individuals and the consistent pursuit of spiritual growth. With each step on this path, individuals move closer to unveiling their True Self and experiencing the ultimate purpose of life.

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