The importance of study skills

Most of the advice you find online will be geared towards the average student – a young person who spends their time surrounded by other young people. If you don’t fit into this category, then it’s worth tweaking your approach until you find a method that works for you.

First-time adult learners

It might be that you didn’t spend much time in the education system during your formative years. Perhaps you didn’t consider it worthwhile, or perhaps you were denied the opportunity. Whatever the reason, you might not yet have picked up the study skills you need to really thrive – so tips such as these can come in very handy. It’s often a good idea to form bonds with other students in your position, which is why interacting with other students is one of the major study tips for online learning set out by Leiden University. 

Adult learners returning to education

If you’ve already been through the education system, you might have an idea of what to expect. While a few more miles on the clock might make it harder to fit learning into an already busy schedule, you’re ahead of the game in many ways. If you’ve come back to education, you’ve got a strong drive to learn. That will help you to focus during those late-night study sessions.If you’ve been away from education for a while, you might be surprised to discover how much has changed. Getting acquainted with modern study methods can help you to close the gap – especially if you’re relying on a few familiar, though outdated, techniques.

Neurodivergent learners

If you’re neurodivergent (as opposed to neurotypical) then you’ll be aware that in some situations you tend to think differently to other people – by definition. This could mean that taking a different approach to studying will bear significant fruit.Finding the right study process for you might require a little bit of experimentation until you find an approach that works. If you’re really struggling with conventional means, then try tweaking things a bit – or even tearing up the rulebook entirely.

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