Thanksgiving treat

As a Christmas present one day a young man got a very nice and a beautiful car as a gift from his brother. The man drove the car around the city and was very happy to get this beautiful and trendy gift from his brother. As he was parking his car a young boy came next to him and said whether the car belongs to him the man said yes and he very proudly told the boy that the car was given to him by his brother.

The man knew what the little boy was going to wish for, of course the boy would have also have wanted a beautiful and a new car like the man. But instead the boy said “oh I wish I could be like your brother and give a beautiful car to my younger brother as well.” The young man was totally surprised and taken a back and he asked to the boy would he like to have a right in his car and the boy was happy and reply yes surely he would like to do it.

The man drove the car to the place where the young boy lived. The boy got out of the car and ran towards his home. The man thought that now the boy will ask his family members to come and see his beautiful car and show about how lucky he was to ride in it. But again he was wrong when the boy returned; he was carrying his little disabled brother.

The boy told his younger brother that one day I will give you a beautiful car like this and you will be able to see the white world around you the man was totally astonished to look at the third process of the young boy then he offer both of them right across the city and give them a lovely Thanksgiving treat. It is rightly said The man it is more blessed to give than receive.

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