Student Teacher relationship

As you know, humans are social beings. They need to be in a relationship with another person. Increasing competition in society forces people to improve their relationships with each other. Among them, the relationship between child and teacher is the most important and should be pure and noble.

Teachers have the highest respect for their students. Teachers take the place of their mothers and guide their entrusted students. Personal relationships exist when students are free to ask what they want. The level of respect between two people plays a very important role in their relationship. Students should respect their teachers and try to learn the values ​​of life from them. In addition to the educational curriculum, teachers play a very important role in developing the personality of their students.

Also, when you learn to trust others and feel betrayed, that is the greatest harm in life. Art is always secured when a student finds a reliable teacher. Strengthen the bond between two people. I know I have to thank all the teachers who love and care for me. The teacher-student relationship is truly a wonderful experience. Teachers always take care of their students and students respect their teachers. In the classroom, the love and affection between students and teachers is clearly visible. But even in this corona era, pandemic era, you can still feel the purity of emotions between teachers and students.

Nevertheless, teachers tried to clarify students’ doubts and provide the children with all possible support. Teachers in every school believe that lying will lead students and not lead them astray. Good student-teacher relationships are fundamental to quality teaching and student learning. Teachers should have a positive attitude. A positive attitude promotes a sense of belonging and encourages learners to participate cooperatively in learning activities.

Improving relationships has a long-term impact on a student’s academic and social development. There are certain points that teachers should pay attention to in order to improve their relationship with their students. Provide positive comments where appropriate. Be positive and enthusiastic when teaching. Show your students that you don’t just care about them, you care about them. In fact, young students trust their teachers completely and listen to them more than their parents.

This shows importance and impact of teacher. When you get older and go to college, your teacher will become your friend. Some even become our role models. They inspire us to do great things in life. We learn from our teachers not to be selfish.  This makes students feel secure and lets them know that teachers are playing a parental role in school.

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