Step-by-step guide to choose the right career path after Class 10

The first step to a successful career starts with the selection of the right subject and stream. Choosing the right career is a tough choice as it requires a careful assessment of your abilities, potential, and aspirations. It impacts the way you’ll mould your life.

In the present scenario, it is a challenge for each and everyone to sustain themselves in this ever-growing competitive world. Times are changing and in these rapidly changing times, an array of new career fields and the availability of plenty of career choices are also leading to lots of confusion.

The right decision at the right time may help you get to new heights, while the wrong move may dwell you into pits; hence you must be cautious while planning your career. Be careful to use the right skills in the right direction to be able to succeed in your career.

The first step to choosing a career or doing career planning starts with self-assessment, learning as much as you can about yourself, your goals, and the larger context of work. At the point when you are sorting out some way to pick a career way, you should definitely need to think about a few basic steps to choose the right career:


Before making any important decision, examine yourself on the basis of your:

  • Interest
  • Value
  • Traits

The biggest purpose of life is to discover your path, and achieve your goals in a purposeful and fulfilling manner. Try to ask yourself without hesitation, am I happy in what I’m doing or only trying to make others happy? When you get answers to all of these, then you can analyse what sort of profession you are looking at for your career growth.


Creating a long-term goal can be a challenge, but persistence will help you to reach that. Try to pen down a list of your goals, both personal and professional. Also, set a timeline in which you should achieve your goals. The list you put together can help you approach a job search more specifically and help you figure out the larger prospect of your future vision.

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