Social-emotional learning

With the increasingly multi cultural and multilingual students with diverse social backgrounds in schools it becomes very important for educators to teach the students about social and emotional learning. Social and emotional learning actually provides a foundation for a positive and safe learning and it enhances the ability of students to succeed in their lives when we discuss about social learning we need to understand that there are certain pillars of social learning like self awareness, social awareness, self management, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

Self-awareness means understanding owns emotions and personal goals because it is very important to first and for most understand our own self are limitations and strength because this will give us a mindset about how to work further. Self management means to understand and acquire the skills of attitude that is important to regulate our own emotions and behaviours.

Self management means how we can manage stress and control our impulses because somewhere these things will create a challenge for us. Social awareness means involving the ability to understand an Empire with those of different cultural backgrounds and in anyway not giving them an opportunity to be in a tight spot. Relationship skill means meeting the student established maintain healthy and rewarding relationships which are the base of any good society.

This skill actually involves communicating clearly and listening properly among the students. Finally there is responsible decision making skill that makes things better because once we understand how we are able to make positive decision we are able to make responsible decisions and that somewhere gives a positive impact on the whole society.

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