School Safety – School education is an important component for the development of any country.

It is very important that school education is given prime importance and care is taken that the students who come to the school are safe and secure from any kind of harm that might be caused to them. We have seen in the recent past that in some European countries there have been mass killing happening in schools that is because of their arms and emulations policy.

In India we need to make sure that our school campuses are safe and 100% secure for our students because children are the most vulnerable lot. In India also we have witnessed that there have been cases of girls being molested by the mail members around in the school full stop it is the duty of the school authorities to make sure that the campus is free of any such people who can harm the students in anyway.

Security does not only mean preventing our students from any kind of physical harm but it also means that no kind of bullying must be encouraged or unnoticed in the school. Most of the time of a student is spend in school and school has a lot of influence on the minds of a child. Therefore it becomes all the more important than we are safe and secure for the children.

The increasing cases of child bullying and molestation increases the responsibility of the school to make the campus free from all such anti social activities. Also the school must be vigilant to identify the people who are anti social and remove them from the campus as soon as possible.

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