Overcoming anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling that can disturb a person deeply. Anxiety can be understood as a stomach upset or increasing heart palpitations or a nervous tension that creates a negative or a in an around us. Anxiety can be too over powering and it might help it might reduce our work potential suppose if it happens that you are feeling you are getting a feeling of anxiety there are certain ways and means by which you may improve it first and for most take a breadth because when we become anxious, our breath becomes rapid and shallow.

Due to which we are not able to have deep breathing and the oxygen does not reach the all the cells of our body and it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure so it is very important that we have deep breaths and try to include very simple exercise like exhaling and inhaling with deep breaths for several times said. This activity will reduce muscle tension. You may just go for a walk in a nearby park where you will be able to enjoy the nature and the small activities done by children around.

This will divert your thoughts from the reason of anxiety. Sleep has an important role to play in reducing the anxiety that we face. To reduce anxiety one must go for deep sleep it possible where there are no distractions around. There could be many reasons because of which an individual has anxiety disorder. It needs to be taken care of right at the start of it because otherwise it might not be controllable. Students face this problem when they experience rejections or failures. Parents must observe the behaviour of their children closely and see if they need any medical help as the case may be.

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