Importance and relevance of the skill of Mind Mapping

Any given information if is visually organised it makes the analytical assessment of the information easy and quick. One such method of visually organising any situation for quick analytical thinking and decision making is mind mapping. Mind Mapping is a diagram that is arranged visually and the information is presented in this diagram in hierarchical order.

It generally represents words, concepts, ideas and use non linear diagrams that helps in constructing the framework for and easy understanding. Mind maps simplify the idea and help in positive brain storming. The benefits of mind mapping are many, one such is that a person can break down an issue or a problem into bits or small diagrams and the smaller aspects helps the person to visualise the problem from a different way which is useful in problem solving.

The mind mapping can be used to schedule the regular tasks also without any overlapping. For example a person can create a diagram about their daily routine or medicine workout plans using mind mapping techniques. In the corporate world mind mapping is used to have a better control over the business because the activities clear and gathering information becomes easy productivity.

For students the activity of mind mapping helps them to save time and quickly outline their notes. a mind map not only gives you the information but also puts everything into the context a student will be able to analyse how the information is related how it flows and how it can be combined the outline and the combine notes with less number of words give you a clear and concise overview which saves time during analysing and memorizing.

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