Managing peer pressure

Peer pressure is the direct or indirect effect on an individual that compels them to change their behavior or attitudes in order to please the group they influence. One of the indicators. Peer pressure from poor associations at a young age can put a person in very frightening situations and hinder an entire career.

Peers play an important role in the social and emotional development of young people increase. Her influence begins in her early years and increases throughout her teenage years. Children need to build honest and healthy relationships with their friends and trust them to grow and mature together. There are many positive and supportive results when peers help children develop new skills and develop interest in extracurricular activities and studies. However, peers can also be a bad influence.

We may encourage each other to cheat, The main reason young people give in to peer pressure is because they want to fit in and be liked by their peers, and they fear being left behind if they don’t join the group.  Because one must first listen to oneself and have the mindset of making decisions in one’s favor. Peer pressure in adolescence can hinder students’ studies and careers if not avoided in time
Teenagers these days are so heavily influenced by celebrities that in a way these people are becoming their own kind too. As a result, they do what is done by stars, smoking and drugs in serious cases. In a way, this also negatively affects personal development. According to
surveys, an average of 34% of teenagers have used drugs, and 71% of his teenagers have tried alcohol by the end of secondary school. 

The results suggest that most or all young people will turn to drugs and alcohol because they are under great peer pressure. It is important to assess the consequences of actions before they are influenced by peers. In addition, you should always put your thoughts and desires first and always second before letting peer pressure sway you. Adolescence is the stage when adolescents desire adult treatment because they look like adults on the outside but are vulnerable on the inside.

Many peers use these situations to encourage criminal activity, aggression, and other anti-social behavior.

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