Learn from Experience

Learning through experience is always different than learning through books. Consider the same example of a person who wants to learn to drive. You can’t consider a person an experienced driver even if you go through all available driving books on him.

This is because books on driving can only teach traffic rules and offer solutions to deal with specific situations. The situations faced by drivers may be completely different from what they learn from books. The actual environment can be very different from what you perceive while reading a book. This is why every theoretical lesson is followed by a practical session, even in educational institutions.

Learning through experience is more effective than learning from books. Because you get the chance to experience reality instead of imagining everything yourself. The art of driving can only be enjoyed when behind the wheel, not when you read about it in a book. Additionally, each book is actually a field report. H. It is based on the experience of people trying to generate new ideas.

The book is their experience and tells us what they have already tried. This way you can modify yourself based on their experience and save valuable time and resources. It helps us to notice and correct their mistakes, but they alone do not tell us everything we need to know.

One can acquire knowledge and learn many valuable lessons through one’s own practical experience and that of others. Knowledge gained from experience is likely to remain in our memory for a long time. The conclusions we draw from what we learn come from practical experience rather than accepting the conclusions drawn by authors in books.

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