Inspirational Short Story about Letting Go

Once a man and his son were having a deep conversation while taking a stroll post dinner.  The man wanted to explain a certain concept about letting go of difficult situations in life, he brought the topic up during the walk. He asked his son, did he know how monkeys are trapped by hunters definitely the son had no reply.

The man continued,  while hunting monkeys the hunters do not chase them up a tree or should arrows at them but rather the put heavy Jar of glass with a narrow neck on the floor and that contains the favourite food of the monkeys. The boy continued to listen carefully to his father. Then the hunters would keep the jar nearby the area and wait in the hide out for the animal to approach.

When the monkey did approach the glass jar he would quickly clinch a fist around the food kept in the jar and try to pull it out but as expected the narrow neck of the glass jar would not let the monkey take its hand out with the clinched fist. The monkey would keep trying but there would be no escape. In the meanwhile the hunter would approach and catch the monkey and have a blast.

The man then continued his explanation, don’t be like the monkey. Life has many difficult situations and you must know when to take a backstep and when to move on. It is important to let go of situations and things whatever is holding you back. You would not be called a quitter if you take an intelligent decision of letting go because you know that you would receive something better in future. Don’t be stubborn but be a good decision maker.

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