In a big country there was a man who lived with his family.

The man had lot of wealth. He wanted to teach his son the importance of being born in a well the family. For that he took his son for a trip to the poor people at the countryside so that he sun can appreciate his good fortune.

During the journey the reached a small village and the father and son spend a couple of days and nights on the farm of with people they considered to be poor. While returning the father asked the son how the trip was. The son said that he understood a lot of things from this trip. He understood that the people there grew their own crop, they had the wide river to swim in where as in the city there was a fool which was restricted full stop the sun continue and said that in the city the food was brought from the market where as in the countryside the food was grown by the farmers so they were more self sufficient.

The son gave a very different version to the father wearing he told his father that countryside life is better than living in the city where resources are brought but not made by the person. The son actually very beautifully compared the city life with the life at the country side and told his father that the country side people, are rich in resources as compared to the city.

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