How to prepare yourself for the examinations.

Examinations are crucial part of every students life a student whether in college or school a student will often be faced by different type of exams and the student will be required to attempt them carefully and be able to pass with flying colours.

how does a student prepare for an examination, first of all the student must go to the lectures regularly and take notes and participate in the discussions that are held in the classrooms because this will enable the student to remember whatever is being part secondly as soon as the exam approaches the student must try to figure out what are the different types of questions that are asked in the examination and how many questions are the expected to attend and what should be the nature of the answers.

It might happen that the student is not able to frame the answers correctly for portion of the memorize dancer is for cotton. The student must try to identify some of the questions which have been asked in the exams in the past so that he is able to figure out the most important questions.

Secondly the student must make his own notes and these notes must be in the form of diagrams or flowcharts because it will give the student a correct understanding about what is to be attempted and how it is to be at that attempted.

Student must try to find out the different answer patterns that are required for the different type of questions with that it’s a long question or a short question and the kind of content which is expected of out of a student to address.

while he is trying to solve the questions write before the exam the student must focus for 5 minutes and collect whatever he has memorized or learnt or is ready for the exam, then he must carefully look at the instructions which are given in the examination paper more than opinion it is found that the students do not read the instructions carefully and because of that they mess up with the answers. A student must not miss any portion of the question paper because of lack of time.

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