How to handle Body Shaming

Body shaming is an activity where a group of people or a person mocks at another person or makes comments about another person’s body shapes size or weight. Many people don’t feel comfortable in their own body and when the society is not accepting them the way they are they often feel that they are body shape. Body shaming can be done by others to us and many times even we body shame are own selves. Body shaming can have a negative impact on a person’s mental and as well as physical health.

Activity of body shaming can end up into many issues. A student can become very self conscious and have low self esteem. It is found that many students feel that they are not fit to be in the school or college because they don’t look like a particular person or they are different from the others. It is very important that students understand this fact that we all need to accept people the way they are because no two people can be same and there has to be diversity and we all must be able to accept people with these diversities. There are different types of shaming done, for weight the body hair whether the person is attractive or not at times for the kind of food they eat for the type of clothes they wear etc.

A person who is not able to handle body shaming can have negative consequences and this might lead to eating disorders depressions and low self esteem. Student faces such kind of problems then he or she must approach a mentor immediately and try to confide that matter to a person can take up the issue more seriously with a guided approach

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