How to Boost Your Success Through the Daily Discipline of Networking

We’ve been told that our network is everything in life. It makes sense that the larger our network, the greater our exposure to the world. Additionally, the people we surround ourselves with will directly impact our experiences and opportunities. 

So, why is it that we don’t prioritize networking as a daily, or even weekly, task or goal?

Perhaps we believe that networking is more of a serendipitous phenomenon, or a task reserved only for “networking events.” Perhaps we’re intimidated by the process of networking and feel it’s only for extroverts or sales professionals. As a result, we default to relying on the organic growth of our network through friends, family, and co-worker introductions. 

Well, it’s time to shift our approach to networking because the reality is, people play a part in our achievements and pursuit of goals. And, if done with consistency, it can get us a job, an opportunity for promotion, access to talent, or even a soulmate.  

They realize the value it brings and have developed an intentional disciplined approach to networking. They’ve built specific time into their daily routine to network. 

The consistency and discipline in their networking routine results in a networking habit, which pays them weekly dividends in access to talent and opportunities. This habit fuels the expansion of their talent pool, which drives their learning and growth. 

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