Handling peer pressure

It is said that some kind of motivation is required by an individual to perform better. More than often our friends give us the motivation to work towards our maximum and help us achieve our goals. But at times this motivation changes into a bad peer pressure. When peer pressure becomes negative it leads to a disaster situation. It is very important that a student does not get influenced by the friends and the people around him.

A student must analyse whether it is important to follow whatever his or her friends are saying and is it creating a kind of pressure on him. Peer pressure is advantageous in many ways because it creates a sense of motivation and it also helps student cross it’s abilities and achieve something great it increases the confidence of a person and also helps in facing the world. But peer pressure can also harm a person in more than many ways. Student is not able to perform according to his friends or pears then the pure pressure can be frustrating for him. Into a negative impact on the person and it should be avoided.

A person should first consider whether it is important to listen to the friends always and the pressure for which they are same is what considering or not. Your pressure in youth can lead to bad company and this bad company can lead to nasty situations. if the situation becomes complicated the career and the studies of the student can get affected so it is very important that we do not circum to any kind of pressure and take a judicious decision.

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