Good Deeds

Once a young boy was asked to paint a boat for a very rich man. The young man got some red paint and brushes and began painting the boat. When the painter was painting the boat he saw that the boat had a small hole, he quietly fixed the hole and completed his painting job. The next day the painter saw the rich man coming towards his home.

He was surprised to see him. The rich man gave a hug to the painter and gave him a huge sum of money. The painter was surprised and he told the rich man that he already got the money and the job was done. The rich man told the painter what had happened in the morning.

The rich man said that the boat was taken by his kids for a boat ride when he was out of town. He was not aware that the kids will take the boat early in the morning and he had not informed the kids about the whole in the boat. They went for fishing in the deep sea and were back safe home. He was happy to see his kids back home all safe and healthy it was just because the painter had plugged in the holes and done this favour to him.

So the rich man was thankful to the painter because of the little gesture of the painter the young the rich man was able to see his kids alive. So, No matter what, who, when or how. Keep your spirit up to help, sustain, wipe tears, listen and carefully repair any leaks you find. Because sometimes, the smallest act of kindness and thoughtfulness may be worth more to others.

You may have repaired many “boat holes” on your way even without realizing how many lives you may have impacted. Similarly, many may have fixed holes in your boat without realizing it. So, be grateful and keep being kind and thoughtful.

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