Goal Setting – a major tool to achieve all that is wanted in life

All of us have goals in life but does it always happen that we are able to fulfil these goals, if yes very nice, but if no then we need to understand how goals are to be set and also how they can be achieved. As important as it is to achieve the goals more important is to understand how to set goals the goals must be SMART.

SMART is an acronym which means simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. It becomes very difficult to achieve something when you do not understand what exactly you want to achieve. Same is the case with gold setting.

A person who does not believe in goal setting means a person who is carefree and does not have any set objectives from his life for. If we do not have goals we waste our time energy and efforts.  Speaking to successful people they would always say that talent is important but more than often success depends upon what you do with the talent that you have.

If the goal setting is done properly you are able to avoid the shining object syndrome. What exactly does this mean, the shiny objects are the distractions around us. As a human being we get attracted towards whatever seems shiny and pleasing to the eyes.

you would be more than sure of not getting distracted by the things which are around you and which deviate you from your goals.  Goals encourage you to take action and the motivate you and encourage you to take action and the motivate you to begin working towards them.

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