Evolving teaching styles

Technology has changed the way teaching was done in the past. There are many new resources and methods through which teaching is done in the present Era. All this has increased the flexibility of the teaching styles but there is a debate whether this evolution is for the good or for the bad. Technology cannot replace teachers but the amount of time that the students are spending in front of the screen will not give them the kind of exposure which is required to deal with the practical world for. Technology has introduced lot of tools which can stimulate real time teacher interaction with the students.

Today the teacher can use projectors to show case the different examples and this will give a lasting effect on the memory of the students. Teachers are using lot of different methodologies. With the help of technology the teachers are now using different new methods which will help them deliver in a better manner. Now there is less burden of assessment on the students because the teachers can use the different methods of online testing which will help them check the assignments easily and in a better man.

Dependency on technology is also not good as it will reduce the interaction time of the students with the teachers and there will never be a strong bond between the teacher and the student. There are many important aspects involved in teaching that are necessary for the students. Though modernization has changed the way teaching is done it has also reduced the love and affection that both the teacher and student shared.

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