Education in rural India

For the majority of people living in rural areas, education relies heavily on state-run or subsidized schools and non-governmental organizations. However, rural areas still face various obstacles that directly affect the country’s literacy rate.

Although the National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes digital learning as an alternative to the traditional classroom model, implementation in rural India faces some challenges. First of all, low income means that education takes a backseat. Parents see education as an expense rather than an investment. They would rather their children work and earn money. When it comes to higher education, students will have to consider moving to cities as there are no good institutions nearby, increasing spending.

This leads to lower enrolment rates and higher dropout rates. Students in smaller regions have great potential and are motivated to study, but lack adequate support. This is necessary not only for children, but also for parents. Children have limited or no access to basic learning resources such as equipped classrooms, computers, laboratories and playgrounds. Teachers are often unqualified or do not show up, resulting in poor quality teaching.

This also leads to low morale among students attending school. In some areas girls are not allowed to go to school. Or, if allowed, only up to a certain age. They are not allowed to leave their hometowns for higher education or better jobs. Most of these areas will need to transform over time, but technology can help them move faster. With the increasing use of smart phones in rural areas, e-learning platforms have become easily accessible. Many are affordable. This new way of learning can be attractive to children.

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