BSc Emergency Medicine Technology – All About Emergency Medicine Course


BSc Emergency Medicine Technology – All About Emergency Medicine Course

BSc in Emergency Medicine

According to reports by the World Bank, India accounts for 11 percent of global deaths in road accidents. These statistics are shocking considering that India only contributes 1% to the world’s vehicle population but accounts for the highest amount of deaths caused by road accidents.  On the Indian subcontinent as a whole, traffic accidents have been a major cause for concern. The nation reported about 132 thousand fatalities from traffic accidents in just 2020. About three to five percent of the nation’s GDP was spent on traffic accidents each year. Therefore, Emergency care is an extremely important field as Emergency Doctors stabilize and treat patients who are suffering from serious illnesses or devastating injuries. No matter what kind of disease or damage a patient has, emergency medicine specialists evaluate and treat them in the emergency room. Their primary goal is to stabilise patients as soon as possible and decide what the best course of action is.

Men and women, adults and children, of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, are treated by emergency physicians. Patients with diseases and conditions connected to neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, renal problems, gastrointestinal problems, orthopaedic concerns, pregnancy, gynaecology, dermatology, and psychiatry are among the many conditions they treat.

What is Emergency Medicine?

The medical specialty known as emergency medicine is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of unanticipated sickness or injury. According to the “Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine,” it includes a distinctive body of knowledge. Emergency Medicine staff are responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and coordination of care among several physicians or community services. They are also responsible for the disposition of any patient in need of urgent medical attention, surgeries, or psychiatric care. In addition to hospital-based and freestanding emergency departments (EDs), urgent care center’s, observation medicine units, and emergency medical response vehicles are a few settings that require an emergency medical professional.

Duration of a BSc in Emergency Medicine

B.Sc. in Emergency Care Technology and B.Sc. in Accident and Emergency Care Technology are full-time studies in emergency medicine. This course is offered after the 12th grade.

The duration is three years split across 6 semesters with a compulsory 6-month internship. 

Eligibility to get into a BSc in Emergency Medicine

  • A minimum of 45% in the 10+2 exam from an accredited university is required.
  • Age limit- Minimum of 17 years and a maximum of 31 years on the date of admission.
  • There are also qualification tests that you might have to take such as Karnataka CET(if you wish to study in Karnataka), State-specific Entrance Examinations, and some University-specific Entrance Examinations may be conducted depending on the university.

Why should you choose a BSc in Emergency Medicine?

Emergency Medicine staff are the first people to treat a patient during emergencies which determine the patient’s survival percentage. Therefore, their diagnosis plays a very crucial role in saving several lives. This course is also not as strenuous as an MBBS either. Here are a few reasons why a Bachelor’s in Emergency Medicine is a good choice:

Flexible work schedules

Contrary to popular belief, Emergency Medicine staff have Flexible Schedules allowing them to focus on an array of responsibilities such as family, exercise, study, and sleep. Their shifts are usually between 8 hours to 12 hours long unless there are emergencies. Their work schedules are very predictable which is beneficial for employees to have a life outside of their work.

Breadth of cases

Emergency Medicine staff work in a very dynamic environment as they are exposed to different conditions regularly. They can learn new things on a daily basis enabling them to build their skill set to be able to treat anyone at any time

It is a very challenging but noble profession

Without a doubt, this profession comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties as most often, people’s lives are in their hands. It is also extremely stressful to work with reduced time with a patient’s depleting condition. This will call for a lot of resilience. However, this is a very noble profession as many lives are saved so they can go on to live their lives.

Opportunities for growth

Emergency Medicine professionals can find exceptional growth opportunities in this field. They have the opportunity to lead a group of emergency medical staff at hospitals, They can even be leaders of rescue operations for government agencies. There is also an increased demand for emergency medicine professionals in the US and UK. They can also expect good pay with exceptional growth in the field as their experience and skill improve over time.

What is the scope of employability after a BSc in Emergency medicine or BSc in Emergency medicine technology?

In many areas of care and health, an emergency physician is greatly needed. You have the option of working for private or public hospitals or organizations. Many international NGOs and peacekeeping missions need an emergency medicine physician on staff. Emergency medicine specialists are a necessity for military departments to have on hand during all of their operations. The opportunity and potential of an emergency care physician would undoubtedly continue to expand given the tsunami of persistent security challenges that plague the entire planet. Graduates can also work as Emergency Medicine Physician, Emergency Medicine Dispatcher, Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedics.

What is the career scope after completing a BSc in Emergency medicine or BSc in Emergency medicine technology?

Graduates are typically employed by hospitals, diagnostic facilities, ambulance services, trauma centres, accident centres, urgent care facilities, and clinics, among other facilities.

Possible career prospects include:

  • Medical Technician in Emergency
  • Nurse in critical care
  • Assistant emergency medical
  • Assistant in trauma care 
  • Critical medical examination
  • Research Associate
  • Emergency Medicine Technician
  • Paramedic
  • Clinical Investigator
  • Strategy Manager
  • Surgery Coder
  • Emergency Service Administrator
  • Emergency Service Supervisor
  • Physician Assistant 

Top companies offering job positions:

For recent graduates as well as seasoned and certified doctors of emergency medicine, there are numerous prestigious companies offering opportunities. Depending on your credentials and years of experience working in the area, they all make emergency medicine doctors competitive offers. Following course completion, some of the top 10 employers are:

  1. Fortis healthcare Ltd Jaipur,
  2. Free dial info services Pvt Ltd,
  3. Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd,
  4. SEHAT health community services Pvt Ltd,
  5. Columbia Asia
  6. MSI Group Ltd
  7. Kamineni Hospitals Pvt Ltd,
  8. Alchemist Ltd and Mayom hospital
  9. Manipal Health Enterprises
  10. Max Healthcare

Companies hiring BSc Emergency Medicine Technology graduates:

  1. Apollo Hospitals
  2. Max Hospitals
  3. Fortis Hospitals
  4. Narayana Hrudayalaya
  5. Columbia Asia Hospitals
  6. Aster Healthcare
  7. MIOT Hospitals
  8. Metro Hospitals

Expected salaries:

Since this degree is fairly new, there is limited information about what the graduates of this course could earn after graduating from this course. However, a BSc Emergency Medicine graduate is expected to earn between Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs p.a. The salaries are also expected to increase through the years as their skills and experience in this field grow.

Best BSc Emergency Medicine Colleges in India:

  1. Centurion University of Technology and Management- CUTM – Orissa
  2. ICFAI University- Tripura
  3. JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research- Mysore
  4. JSS Medical College and Hospital- Mysore
  5. Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences- Uttar Pradesh
  6. Manipal Academy of Higher Education- MAHE- Manipal
  7. Manipal Academy of Higher Education -Jaipur
  8. PES Institute of Medical Sciences and Research- Andhra Pradesh
  9. Sai Saburi Nursing and Health Science College- Orissa
  10. Saveetha Medical College- Tamil Nadu
  11. Srinivas University- Mangalore

Best BSc Emergency Medicine Colleges in Bangalore:

  1. Akash Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center
  2. Narayana Hrudalaya
  3. Harsha Institutions
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