5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals (With Examples)

Entrepreneurial leadership is nothing new to humankind.  It has been existing since time immemorial and will exist as long as human civilizations exist.  Human evolution from the Stone Age to the space age is due to constant innovation and the current progress in technology would not have been possible without entrepreneurial leadership.

Entrepreneurial leadership is neither leadership nor entrepreneurship alone.  It is a blend of both disciplines and taking the best of both worlds and disciplines to take forward an idea from inception to reality.  This kind of leader is rarely found and they can easily stand out from the pack.

Entrepreneurial leadership is more of idea generation and implementation, unlike conventional leadership which looks at merely influencing, setting direction, and motivating people to achieve organizational objectives.  

It is all about having a vision, setting goals, influencing people with their ideas, building successful teams, motivating them to pursue and stick to the set goals, and aligning their energies and efforts for achieving entrepreneurial goals and objectives.  

It involves treading unfamiliar areas, product differentiation, uncertainty, risk reduction, participative decision-making, and charting unconventional paths in the entrepreneurial journey.  

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